Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 13 2007

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Clues Answers
A thousand such, one thinks, comes to only nine USES
By the sound of it, got the wind up, just a shade BLUE
Came out in writ form ISSUED
Can you believe it's the turn of the tide at last? CREDIT
Could the corps care about the five hundred? CADRE
d not D? Pull it up WEED
Dogs and cats back on foot to Ulster INSTEP
Don't go to bed, just plug it STOPUP
Found it improving if I get this, indeed EDIFIED
Go to the bad at last below the bottom SADDLE
Henry the Fifth, 'e is over two of them HALVES
How a cat may look at one that's 30 across, for instance PEER
How Dad goes in the way of the weasel POP
How I have got into a ten - it's simplicity itself NAIVETE
Ireland's in what one will inherit HEIRESS
Is there just one hart here? ONEARTH
It's not to do this that one may 36 acrosses CHEW
Jane made it to the USA before ten AUSTEN
Clues Answers
Makes a knot about the grand Irish here TIMES
Never may comes down a little ANAPRILSHOWER
Noble double about a hundred DUCAL
Not the big bad wolf, by the sound of it TONE
On the face of it, it makes light of the time SUNDIAL
One might shortly see the witches do their baking there OVEN
One sentence at two such SING
Perhaps 05050 in the scum of its shell MOLLUSC
Snarl in a biting way SHOWONESTEETH
The boy is unable to 15 across this after his voice breaks DESCANT
The cool van always loses its cool VOLCANO
The law of France in the cold in suspense COLLOID
The listener is warmed to be heard within it EARSHOT
The point is it's in the green, of course ONEPIN
Turn up again about the brute RECUR
Well, it doesn't sound like this SIC
Would sound as if one had been fired ASH
You see, everyone visits the Spring or the Horse ALLGOESTOSHOW