New York Times - Feb 7 2004

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Clues Answers
'Oh, really?' ISTHATSO
'Sitting Bull' star, 1954 NAISH
'Ta-ta!' CHEERIO
1976 hit by Hall & Oates SHESGONE
A tightwad ELCHEAPO
Actor whose debut film was 'The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!' ALANARKIN
Agate alternative STEELIE
Area of danger RAPIDS
Artist Mondrian PIET
Boardroom worries NETLOSSES
Break points? PITSTOPS
Breaks GAPS
Carnival units STANDS
Chi ___ (religious symbol) RHO
Clipped the most TERSEST
Contributed CHIPPEDIN
Cosmopolitan people? EDITORS
Dance in double time GALOP
Desires to participate WANTSIN
Diary LOG
Do taxing work ASSESS
Doctor TREAT
Earmarks (for) DESTINES
Energy producer FISSION
Fendi competitor PRADA
Fig. expressed in percents RDA
Finland's second-largest city ESPOO
First brewery to put beer in cans PABST
German self ICH
Good way to go out ONTOP
Clues Answers
Graphics machine IMAGER
Hall-of-Fame college swimming coach ___ Thornton NORT
Hurricane origins SEASTORMS
Is advantageous PAYS
Kind of principal: Abbr. ASST
Lines descending from a common ancestor STIRPS
Major babe HOTTIE
No matter what ATANYCOST
One who's resigned FATALIST
Oversees, with 'on' RIDESHERD
Part of an office sched. MTG
Peddlers' stopping points DOORS
Place to hold hops OAST
Point to the left WEST
Pounds, e.g. ACHES
Preoccupied one OBSESSOR
Pussyfooted CREPT
Radios SENDS
Rival of Venus SERENA
Russell Cave Natl. Mon. locale ALA
Screeches SHRILLS
Skin problem CYST
Souvenir shop item TEESHIRT
Spinning group PRFIRM
State ___ PEN
Studio site LOT
Subject of a commercial trade ban IVORY
Swindler ROOKER
Ticker-tape parade honorees CHAMPS
Top-grossing movie of 1990 HOMEALONE
___ gestae (transactions) RES
___ piece (alike) OFA