USA Today - Feb 2 2004

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Clues Answers
"Heidi" setting ALPS
"Taxi" or "Seinfeld" role ELAINE
"___ Good Men" (1992) AFEW
A must-do when dieting LAYOFFTHESWEETS
Accustom ENURE
Arab nobleman EMIR
Better half, often WIFE
Blush GLOW
Capricorn, e.g. TROPIC
Carrie Nation's supporters DRYS
Catty comments MEWS
Charges FEES
Choral part ALTO
Circus performer? FLEA
Commercial establishment SHOP
Cornwell or Clancy, e.g. NOVELIST
Detect SPOT
Distinctive taste SAPOR
Dramatis personae CAST
Fe or Catalina SANTA
Featherbrain DODO
Floppy contents DATA
Fundamentals ABCS
Giacomo Puccini specialty OPERA
How one might feel after a sprint WINDED
I, to Claudius ONE
Impish one ELF
Indonesia island BALI
Ink problem BLOT
Jackson 5's hometown GARY
Jagged EROSE
Laboratory heating device ETNA
Last name in pool legends FATS
Lightweight crease-resistant fabric ORLON
Liveliness SPIRIT
Long Island drink TEA
Lunkhead DOLT
Mainstay PILLAR
Mesabi loads ORES
Clues Answers
Mimicked APED
National League squad REDS
October birthstone OPAL
Partner of this and that (with "the") OTHER
Performed a glissade SLID
Plants grass slab by slab SODS
Possesses OWNS
Post a gain EARN
Prefix for dynamics AERO
Put away STOWED
Quick look-see PEEP
Refreshed RESTED
Remedies for the cold shoulder? STOLES
Rip-off SCAM
Scottish family CLAN
Sentimentalized nostalgically MOONED
Shampoo brand PRELL
Simulated STAGED
Singer's function SEW
Somewhat upset MIFFED
Spasm TIC
Sports building ARENA
Sports official REF
Spots EYES
Standoff DRAW
Term start MID
They meet at corners WALLS
Tip, as a topper DOFF
Twilight EVE
Type of steroid ANABOLIC
Venerable AGED
Vigor VIM
Wild about INTO
Withered SERE
Within permitted bounds LEGIT
Word with buddy or honor SYSTEM
Word with force and mail AIR