Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 9 2003

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Clues Answers
A swinging weight as in old clock PENDULUM
Alert cop about chest PECTORAL
Avuncular icon created by Harriet Beecher Stowe UNCLETOM
Blamed for 9 across? (8) BEDLAM
Boredom, ennui TEDIUM
Clear meat soup CONSOMME
Confused, all mixed up MUDDLED
Crisp, salty knot-shaped biscuit PRETZEL
Deductive, from cause to effect - in Latin APRIORI
Did research or other work for barrister - like Lucifer? (8) DEVILLED
Doing things with great attention to detail THOROUGH
Eight consecutive notes on music scale OCTAVE
Expressing emotions in unrestrained way EFFUSIVE
Falling close to but not on the target NEARMISS
Fat acquired by over-eating FLAB
Fleshy part of ear LOBE
Clues Answers
Go over studies again before exam REVISE
Goodbye for now, monsieur AUREVOIR
Independent unit in furniture, building etc MODULE
Noisy state of wild confusion furore
Pick-me-up drinks TONICS
Piece left over, no match ODDMENT
Postpone or dissuade PUTOFF
Sank ship by letting water in SCUTTLED
Sick feeling the morning after the night before HANGOVER
Soothed or sent to sleep LULLED
There's an old . . . . by the stream, Nellie Dean MILL
Tick over like engine IDLE
Trial impressions of printed matter - sound conclusive PROOFS
Very rapidly - but sounds impossible? INNOTIME
Violewnt outburst of noise, pandemonium UPROAR
Yellow singing bird CANARY