Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 14 2001

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Clues Answers
''Bewitched, ... and bewildered'' (song) (8) BOTHERED
A little of it is a dangerous thing LEARNING
A pair (3) TWO
Adolescent's temporary love CRUSH
Adornments for the wrist BRACELETS
Aromatic substances SPICES
Astonishment, wonderment AMAZEMENT
Aver, maintain ASSERT
Bring to an end, come to terms SETTLE
Bundle of fibres in the body NERVE
Described roughly or briefly OUTLINED
Equine animal HORSE
Excited uncertainty SUSPENSE
Gardens to display animals, in short (3) ZOO
Gesture to communicate SIGNAL
Habitual drunkard SOT
Identify as previously known RECOGNISE
Individuals units ITEMS
Clues Answers
Inherent capacity for becoming something POTENTIAL
Made a sound like steam coming out of small aperture WHISTLED
Moneybag PURSE
Moves upwards CLIMBS
Not the same ones already mentioned OTHERS
Numbers DIGITS
Repaired MENDED
Sir, cheer for the fruit CHEERIES
Stopped or slowed a horse REINED
Strong winds GALES
Suck up or take in ABSORB
The first-placed in a competition CHAMPION
Throw a rope for the show OPERA
Unaware, uninformed IGNORANT
Unit equal to about 28 grams OUNCE
Went in advance of others LED
Woman of refinement MADAME