USA Today - Oct 10 2005

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Clues Answers
''Hurlyburly'' playwright RABE
''SNL'' network NBC
19th-century mail delivery service PONYEXPRESS
2001 Robert Altman film GOSFORDPARK
Acquired-by-marriage relative INLAW
Applaud CLAP
Apple drink CIDER
Business office item STAPLER
Copy cats? XEROX
Critical point CRUX
Crossed through XDOUT
Do an usher's work ESCORT
Dojo student's pride KARATEBELT
Dorothy or Lillian of filmdom GISH
Dotted line directive TEAR
Earthy pigment (Var.) OCHRE
Faux pas SLIP
Fishing net TRAWL
Flower cluster RACEME
Go on-and-on RANT
Got off one's high horse? ALIT
Grades 7 thru 9, often JUNIORHIGH
Hardly a beauty HAG
Held off ATBAY
High hairstyle UPDO
Historic times ERAS
Hit on the head CONK
J.K. Rowling's kid HARRY
Keyboard key letters CTRL
Let it go ALLOWED
Like some promises UNKEPT
Maintains the machinery, in a way OILS
Major musical work OPUS
Malaria symptom AGUE
Marketplace MART
Muslim pilgrimage HAJJ
Naval petty officer YEOMAN
Nice school ECOLE
One placed in a cast ACTOR
Clues Answers
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Part of SRO ONLY
Piece of cake SLICE
Pierce portrayer ALDA
Places for tacks TIES
Popeye's prop PIPE
Position locater, on a PC screen CURSOR
Promoted heavily HYPED
Royal headwear TIARA
Royal perch THRONE
Run without power COAST
Runner's rhythm PACE
School in Troy, N.Y. RPI
Seat separator AISLE
Seraphic headdress HALO
Served as gondolier POLED
Shot spot BAR
Shout at an open call NEXT
Show some muscle FLEX
Squandered BLEW
St. Petersburg waterway NEVA
Sting TRAP
Sub manufacturer? DELI
Sustained UPHELD
Think, Dogpatch-style RECKON
Tile style PAVER
Treaty signer ALLY
Type of acid CITRIC
Utopia Plains setting MARS
Very small brook RILL
Waikiki location OAHU
Wine bottle stopper CORK
Wipe out EFFACE
Wood connector, often SCREW
Word after the last word of 17-, 59-Across, and 10-, 24-Down WAYS
Word with forest or barrel RAIN
Word with set or stream JET
Zoo denizen APE
___ de Guerre (French military medal) CROIX