USA Today - Aug 9 2010

Clues Answers
"Get a move on!" HURRYUP
"Gilligan's Island" signal SOS
"I double ___ you!" DARE
"Merrily we roll ___" ALONG
Acquire canines TEETHE
An organic compound ENOL
And others, in brief ETAL
Assert positively AVER
Biting breeze NIP
Boating hazard EDDY
Book showing credits and debits LEDGER
Butter sub OLEO
Camelot character ENID
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
Carpenter's supports SAWHORSES
Copier additive TONER
Dropped name preceder NEE
Emblem of Great Britain LION
Enchanted RAPT
Face card QUEEN
Fertilizer compound UREA
Flooring installer TILER
Fly-catching bird PEWEE
Foot section? INCH
Give a hard time to HASSLE
Grammar class subjects? NOUNS
Hemmed or basted SEWED
Host before and after O'Brien LENO
Ian or Celeste HOLM
Injury-case result, perhaps AWARD
Iron horse TRAIN
Irregular, as if gnawed on EROSE
Kilt feature PLEAT
Kind of surgeon ORAL
Language in Mumbai HINDI
Lightning stick ROD
Maritime NAVAL
Marley's music REGGAE
Clues Answers
Mexican snack TAMALE
Minstrel's ballads LAYS
Miracle witness' emotion AWE
More withered SERER
Mrs. in Chicago fire lore OLEARY
Munster of '60s TV HERMAN
Name tag word HELLO
Narrow shoe size TENA
Neglect to include OMIT
No longer in the docks ASEA
Not of the clergy LAIC
Not prescribed (Abbr.) OTC
Of the nervous system NEURAL
Offshore device DRILLINGRIG
One-third of Fat Albert's catchphrase HEY
Oreo's center CREME
Pacific party LUAU
Peevish states SNITS
Piece in a periodical ARTICLE
Pinta's sister ship NINA
Prefix with "space" or "plane" AERO
Rapier with a three-sided blade EPEE
Raucous brawl MELEE
Rave's companion RANT
Rich dessert GATEAU
Rural route LANE
Russo of "Get Shorty" RENE
Small upright piano SPINET
Spud variety IDAHO
Stick in a box MATCH
Sudden restriction on activity CLAMPDOWN
Superhero alias KENT
Take ___ the waist (tailor's job) INAT
Trucker's choice GEAR
Turf occupier GANG
Waste-maker HASTE
Where to get dates TREE
___ on (incited) EGGED