USA Today - Feb 15 2006

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Clues Answers
''But only God can make a ___'' (Kilmer) TREE
''Go on . . .'' AND
''It can't be!'' OHNO
''Love Story'' author SEGAL
1940 Karloff film THEAPE
27th President TAFT
Abba of Israel EBAN
Added pizzazz to SPICED
American carrier USAIR
Amino ___ ACID
Are able, biblically CANST
Basketry fiber ISTLE
Bold poker draw ONECARD
Boredom ENNUI
Brand with three blades ATRA
Broad range BREADTH
Bullfighter TORERO
Burn a bit CHAR
By way of, informally THRU
Caterer's warmer STERNO
Charge FEE
Chicken part THIGH
Chinese discipline TAICHI
Chinese herbivore PANDA
Close by NOTFAR
Comestible EDIBLE
Corp. job requirement, often MBA
D-Day town STLO
Dressing holder CRUET
Dub anew RETITLE
Enjoys a sloop SAILS
Famous person, briefly CELEB
Fancy apparel ATTIRE
First lady of scat ELLA
First name among noted artists PABLO
First name in gins ELI
Force of physics DYNE
Forget-me-not feature PETAL
Former war zone, familiarly NAM
Formerly, old-style ERST
Fred's sister ADELE
French brother FRERE
Freshwater fish DACES
Garden tool SPADE
Gave medicine DOSED
Gently shift to a new topic SEGUE
Getting nowhere fast INARUT
Golden Fleece source RAM
Good times UPS
Greek letters CHIS
Haricot or hasenpfeffer STEW
Hunter's supply, perhaps SHELLS
In a caustic way ACRIDLY
In vigorous health HALE
Insect eggs NITS
Insect stage IMAGO
Isolated land ISLE
It changes locks DYE
It's above a parakeet's beak CERE
It's exhausted ENGINE
It's part of a head EAR
It's staged PLAY
Joke around KID
Kind of bliss WEDDED
Lake Urmia locale IRAN
Large combo OCTET
Lash of old films LARUE
Late actor Davis OSSIE
Late comedienne Martha RAYE
Latex restaurant bill? RUBBERCHECK
Lbs., e.g. WTS
Legitimate barkeeper? LEGALTENDER
Leveled a lawn MOWED
Like a perfect launch AOK
Like many a roof TILED
Like some hard-to-reach goals UNMET
Like some navels PIERCED
Clues Answers
Lowdown joint? ANKLE
Marceau, for one MIME
Mathematical groups SETS
Melody AIR
Money needing laundering? FILTHYLUCRE
Monumental EPIC
Moppable body part BROW
More inexplicable EERIER
More timid SHIER
Musket extension? EER
Mythical bird ROC
Navel buildup LINT
Newly printed dollars? YOUNGBUCKS
News squib ITEM
Nocturnal observer OWL
Not collectively APIECE
Not many AFEW
Noted Italian city PISA
Noticeably unfriendly ICY
Offensive expression LEER
One way to follow a pattern SEW
One who hems but doesn't haw TAILOR
Operated RAN
Outdoor lift TBAR
Pacific island herb TARO
Part of an underground network? ROOT
Pea picker? TINE
Perilous seat of government? RISKCAPITAL
Pikake necklace LEI
Point DOT
Powerful industrialist TITAN
Prefix for ''surgeon'' or ''physiology'' NEURO
Pricing spec EACH
Printed page count LINAGE
Provide with sustenance NOURISH
Quaint towel marking HERS
Questionnaire option OTHER
Reach, as one's goal ATTAIN
Reporter's word WHERE
Robin's stomach CRAW
Rounded hammer part PEEN
Salt's partner? PEPA
Sample the fresh air INHALE
Sashes OBIS
Saskatchewan native CREE
Sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan ARAL
Shuffleboard stick CUE
Singer Easton SHEENA
Skye caps TAMS
Slippery and slithery EELY
Some electron tubes DIODES
Something for the golden yrs. IRA
Sound of a diaphragmatic spasm HIC
Stable diet? FEED
Stick like glue ADHERE
Stretch of shallow water SHOAL
Sunbaked ARID
Take advantage of USE
Tamperer hamperer SEAL
Tennis stratagem LOB
The most stretched TAUTEST
The ruble, once? REDCABBAGE
This, in Barcelona ESTA
Timeline chunk ERA
Tiny alteration? SMALLCHANGE
To the point TERSE
Tucker or Roberts TANYA
Two of nine? ENS
Type of store or letter CHAIN
Useful plant ALOE
Was a good dog, in a way STAYED
What the Padres start NINEMEN
Whistle cord LANYARD
Word with ''imagine'' or ''fancy'' THAT
Word with ''rear'' ENDER
Words at a union meeting? IDO
You can beat it EGG