Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 7 1998

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Clues Answers
A riding-school, or horsemanship MANEGE
A sudden rise, as in business UPSURGE
An immense time AEON
An Italian pie PIZZA
Aniseed-flavoured Greek spirit OUZO
Author of the third gospel LUKE
Batters like male sheep? RAMS
Cliques in which people move CIRCLES
Common clothes fastener ZIPPER
Covered with pimples PUSTULAR
Deadly, potentially fatal LETHAL
Decayed or morally corrupt ROTTEN
Disgusted or drove back REPELLED
Envied, was jealous of another's good fortune BEGRUDGED
Expose and denounce UNMASK
Fished with rod and line ANGLED
Harmony or agreement ACCORD
Harry S ..., former president of USA TRUMAN
Clues Answers
Humorous poem from the Treaty City? LIMERICK
Imaginary small people as in 'The Wizard of Oz' MUNCHKINS
Inert like some electricity STATIC
Largest of the islands forming Japan HONSHU
Like a kindly uncle AVUNCULAR
Lithe acts observed in sporting contests ATHLETICS
Mighty hunter of Genesis NIMROD
Old Palestine CANAAN
Pray for us - ... ... nobis ORAPRO
Raced around a great tree CEDAR
Receptacles for tobacco detritus ASHTRAYS
River of forgetfulness flowing through Hades LETHE
Sea between Greece and Sicily IONIAN
Short curtain around a window VALANCE
Short full jacket gathered in at waist BLOUSON
Special ability, flair TALENT
The head-bone SKULL
Tumult and commotion UPROAR