Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 3 2004

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Clues Answers
A cure, for disease or other ill REMEDY
A light imperial weight OUNCE
Able to be touched or felt - like a hit PALPABLE
Adders, cobras, rattlers etc SNAKES
Agreement to stop fighting temporarily TRUCE
Altitude is usually measured as height above . . . . . . . . SEALEVEL
An edict from Russia UKASE
An even chance - flip a coin TOSSUP
An exclamation of disgust UGH
Be wisest in pursuit of www.coms WEBSITES
Comer put out by data processing machine COMPUTER
Comic imitation of, say, well-known literary style PARODY
Daggers fixed to rifles BAYONETS
Droop in the middle SAG
Find fault in a petty way, fuss over details NIGGLE
He joins migrant in scary illusion NIGHTMARE
Iconic male relative of USA UNCLESAM
In . . . . . . . . .; at the appropriate time or proper order DUECOURSE
Clues Answers
In pop parlance, a one-night performance GIG
In USA it is know as the Bluegrass State KENTUCKY
Inserted by permanent inhabitant RESIDENT
Keep your ear to . . . . . . . . . - be alert to rumours THEGROUND
Large passenger or cargo ship travelling on regular route LINER
List of business for a committee meeting AGENDA
Major joint in lower limb ANKLE
Makes cry like an owl HOOTS
Natural spring of hot water GEYSER
Peevish or irritable TETCHY
Periodic count as of population CENSUS
Prefix indicating hearing or sound AUDIO
Risible, ridiculous LAUGHABLE
Something that can be seen and touched OBJECT
Spoke with defective sibilants LISPED
This bear is white POLAR
Tiny . . . is loveable Dickens boy TIM
To do with race ETHNIC