Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 6 2004

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Clues Answers
A large cattle-breeding farm RANCH
A lump of metal like gold INGOT
A mass of silky fibres - dental? FLOSS
A Spanish mid-day nap SIESTA
Annoy or pester continually HARASS
Army officer trainees CADETS
Cause to become hostile or unfriendly ALIENATE
Cleave or break up SPLIT
Come or go in ENTER
Detect in a mistake - gotcha CATCHOUT
Ditto - that's what I think too SAMEHERE
Europe's musically blue river DANUBE
Expire gradually - perhaps a race or tribe DIEOUT
Filling with confidence, stimulating to achievement INSPIRING
Fine . . . . . . is good condition FETTLE
Get bet on, being born BEGOTTEN
Give signal to stop - using banner? FLAGDOWN
Informal sailor or road-surfacing material TAR
Clues Answers
Introduce gradually into person's mind INSTIL
It rises to the top CREAM
Marks left in ground by animals TRACKS
Materialise, assume substance TAKESHAPE
Moisture in tree or informal dunce SAP
Official and written laws STATUTES
Oil consecrated for religious rites CHRISM
People who keep a daily record of their lives DIARISTS
Person who compulsively uses drugs ADDICT
Prefix meaning extremely or excessively ULTRA
Release or blab secret LETOUT
Rob in Tehran - that's disgusting ABHORRENT
They act for actors AGENTS
They get rank, property etc from others, perhaps their parents HEIRS
Tip into the hole PIT
Took part in confused struggle or fight SCUFFLED
Trough on pole used by bricklayer to carry things HOD
Unsuccessful attempt to impress - firework won't ignite? DAMPSQUIB