Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 15 2007

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Clues Answers
A desirable emotion PLEASURE
Absence of matter VACUUM
Artist's workroom STUDIO
Bee house APIARY
Car for hire TAXI
Care about the land measure ACRE
Challenge, dispute GAINSAY
Close to, oddly, the wildcats OCELOTS
Discretion in practical affairs PRUDENCE
Disorderly, messy UNTIDY
European monarchy NORWAY
Exact, precise ACCURATE
Expressing great joy REJOICING
Four-sided regular polygon SQUARE
Gushing forth in a sudden stream SPURTING
Horizontal beam over a door or window LINTEL
Clues Answers
Humorously sarcastic or mocking IRONIC
Literary composition ESSAY
Look at with amorous intentions OGLE
Marine plant SEAWEED
Moves slowly, near the ground CRAWLS
Nun's title SISTER
On which hot metal is shaped ANVIL
Perfume SCENT
Person trained to travel in a spacecraft ASTRONAUT
Room below ground CELLAR
Slanted reading desk LECTERN
Slip, slither, skid SLIDE
Small fragment of wood CHIP
Temporary suspension of business RECESS
The Greek king who created a statue of a woman and fell in love with it PYGMALION
Tiered seats in stadiums STANDS
Unbroken mustang BRONCO
Vehement, furious FIERCE