Irish Times (Simplex) - Jul 20 2002

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Clues Answers
After the expected time LATE
Arachnid SPIDER
Assimilate, ingest ABSORB
Assistant with power to act in the absence of superior DEPUTY
Barriers that enclose FENCES
Brightly-coloured tropical birds PARROTS
Changing direction TURNING
Come after or achieve a goal SUCCEED
Conjectures, estimates GUESSES
Endeavour, exertion EFFORT
Fall in small drops DRIP
Female donkey JENNET
Hinge joint KNEE
Leguminous plant PEA
Make ready PREPARE
Middle of the day NOON
Mischievous fairy ELF
Musical notation CLEF
Nevertheless, on the other hand BUT
Of a female, reflexively HERSELF
Clues Answers
Perceives, sees NOTICES
Performance of music CONCERT
Pipe or reed instrument ORGAN
Present for acceptance OFFER
Say again REPEAT
Scatter water about SPLASH
Scenery etc. for a drama SET
Sean O'... (Irish playwright) CASEY
She set them on the bed SHEETS
Sincere, heartfelt EARNEST
Small set-back space RECESS
Soap for the hair SHAMPOO
Support PROP
The fading light of evening SUNSET
The gas is there, oddly ETHER
They are due by law, tradition or nature RIGHTS
Toward land from the sea ASHORE
Unit of a poem STANZA
Virgil's epic AENEID
Walk in water PADDLE
Work natural fibres into a thread or twist a story SPIN