Wall Street Journal - Jan 16 2004 - January 16, 2004 - The Inside Coupe

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Clues Answers
'All Creatures Great and Small' author HERRIOT
'Aloha Oe' accompaniment UKE
'By George!' EUREKA
'Can you hear me now?' for one SLOGAN
'Dead Souls' author GOGOL
'My Fair Lady' song SHOWME
'___ you the clever one?' ARENT
After-lunch sandwiches OREOS
Andy's son OPIE
Annual NYC basketball tourney NIT
Arguing loudly ATIT
Army brass? BUGLE
Bath suds? ALE
Biased writing?: Abbr. ITALS
Big name in raingear TOTES
Boater makeup STRAW
Bold way to solve a crossword ININK
Camp-out goodies SMORES
Chowderheads DOPES
Churchill's birthplace (with a Chevy) BLENHEIMPALACE
Clueless INEPT
Codeine source OPIUM
College member? ELECTOR
Cruise stops ISLANDS
D-Day craft LST
Delight JOY
Dilapidated dwelling RATTRAP
Dotted line user SIGNEE
Draw out ELICIT
DVD data (with a Kia) ASPECTRATIO
Early Cosby series ISPY
English university city LEEDS
Expect AWAIT
Extremely small MICRO
Eyeglass treatments TINTS
Fake out DELUDE
Feast finale DESSERT
Fond of BIGON
Food fish from Down Under (with a Ford) ORANGEROUGHY
Football's Marchetti GINO
Friend's counterpart FOE
Garner interest EARN
Girl Scout emblem TREFOIL
Go down SINK
Gray, in a way ASHY
Groups with groups SUBSETS
Guerrilla action RAID
Gymnastics move FLIP
Hamburger's one EIN
Harry's pal at Hogwarts RON
Heartache WOE
Helpers from abroad AUPAIRS
Home of 'The Sopranos' HBO
How some pros get in (with a Nissan) PLAYERSENTRANCE
Hype to death FLOG
Inaugural trip (with a GMC) MAIDENVOYAGE
Indian honorific SRI
Inside scoop DIRT
Interest GRAB
Intestinal parts ILEA
It gets under your collar TIE
Jackie's second ARI
Joined a jury SAT
Judy Jetson's brother ELROY
Keats and Shelley, e.g. ODISTS
Keep from overheating, in a way AIRCOOL
Key letter PHI
King's domain CNN
Lao-___ (Chinese philosopher) TZU
Late bash SOIREE
Clues Answers
Like some stadiums DOMED
Like some symmetry AXIAL
Lizard look-alike NEWT
Lobbying org. PAC
Manifest EVINCE
Messy mass of hair MOP
Music's ___ Na Na SHA
Musket loader RAMROD
Nasdaq cousin ASE
Nincompoop TWIT
Obsession, for one SCENT
One in a black suit SPADE
One to root against BADGUY
One who rules the roast EMCEE
Outpouring SPATE
Payroll ID SSN
Peter of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' BOYLE
Pianist Hess MYRA
Pick up the tab TREAT
Pills, briefly MEDS
Popular shopping spot THEWEB
Powder room? ARSENAL
Pressing need IRON
Pro ___ TEM
Profit unfairly (with a Dodge) LINEONESPOCKETS
Quickly, quickly ASAP
Reach for the stars ASPIRE
React angrily toward SNARLAT
Rent alternative OWN
Risk falling TEETER
Rock projection CRAG
Sales rep. AGT
Scaly pets IGUANAS
Scary sound BOO
School founded by Henry VI ETON
Secret offering ROLLON
See red? OWE
Seepage at sea BILGE
Showy shrubs AZALEAS
Sock choice ARGYLE
Solitaire stone OPAL
Sound of delight OOH
State since 1948 ISRAEL
States SAYS
Surprisingly NOLESS
Tending to the problem ONIT
Terminal posting ETA
The NCAA's Huskies UCONN
They have supporting roles BRAS
They take night flights (with a Toyota) SCREECHOWLS
They're not easily broken HABITS
They're numbered in NYC STS
Told a good one LIED
Toledo title SENORA
Torah holders ARKS
Turkish coins LIRAS
Up and about ASTIR
Uris's '___ 18' MILA
Verdugo of 'Marcus Welby, M.D.' ELENA
Viscount's superior EARL
Wall Street worry SLIDE
Wee particles MOTES
Where eye-pleasers are hung (with a Buick) PICTUREGALLERY
Wine taster's guess YEAR
Winter vehicle SNOCAT
Wood found in many frames? ELIJAH
Yellowstone animal BISON
___ vincit amor OMNIA