Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 4 2007

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Clues Answers
'A . . . . . . knowledge is a dangerous thing' LITTLE
'Marry . . . . . . . and repent at leisure' INHASTE
A gap, or section missing from a book LACUNA
A stabbing knife DAGGER
Anyone may visit in Apollo Ten OPENTOALL
Cloth square used to protect clothing while eating NAPKIN
Dickens boy who asked for more OLIVER
Dries out for vehicle journeys RIDES
Having a ruddy complexion FLORID
Informally, useless people with moribund craniums DEADHEADS
Large long-nosed African monkey BABOON
Lock, stock . . . . . . . . . - the lot ANDBARREL
Made lips protrude in sulky expression POUTED
Mollify, calm with concessions APPEASE
Myths and legends FABLES
Old portable chair for Danes SEDAN
Pollute in narrow gorge DEFILE
Preliminary race to qualify finalists HEAT
Clues Answers
Printed symbol as emblem of organisation LOGO
Quite splendid, excellent SUPERB
Representative standards as of behaviour NORMS
Safety strap in car - must wear it SEATBELT
Sent out or distributed ISSUED
Sharp shrill cry or bark YELP
Slangily drunk, lacking nether limbs LEGLESS
Small glass bottle for perfume or medicine PHIAL
Small hole in needle for thread EYELET
Small tablets or sweets to be dissolved in mouth LOZENGES
Soothed or sent to sleep LULLED
Stretched neck to see something CRANED
Suppress or smother STIFLE
Tasty ball of dough cooked in stew DUMPLING
The act of being unfaithful to spouse (8) ADULTERY
The best of all gardens EDEN
The record of past events HISTORY
Totally crammed, contents wedged together CHOCKFULL