Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 22 1999

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Clues Answers
'To . . . is human, to forgive divine' ERR
A liking or inclination PENCHANT
A person with unlimited power, a dictator AUTOCRAT
An exit, way out EGRESS
An old gallows GIBBET
Applying the mind, mental concentration ATTENTION
Assembly or concentration GATHERING
Beneficiary under will INHERITOR
Blow up like volcano ERUPT
Catholic priest's book of daily prayers BREVIARY
Deft and skilful ADROIT
Exclamation of disgust UGH
Flat-topped red cap with tassel for Muslim men FEZ
Goldsmith play: 'She . . . to Conquer' STOOPS
In a dying state MORIBUND
Ingenuous and credulous NAIVE
Kind of summerhouse with wide view GAZEBO
Make certain, clinch ENSURE
Clues Answers
Marsh or bog QUAGMIRE
Most fervent in cardiac way HEARTFELT
Notorious Russian monk among puritans RASPUTIN
Rogue of a lascar RASCAL
Rule over in Niger REIGN
Shakespeare play: 'The . . . the Shrew' TAMINGOF
Sing as Bing did CROON
Sister of Lazarus and Mary MARTHA
Strong or leathery TOUGH
Taints in great men TITANS
The chief stress or strain BRUNT
The trunk of the human body TORSO
Thick mucus in throat PHLEGM
To do with deity DIVINE
Trembles violently as with fear SHUDDERS
Urged with ova? EGGED
Vigour or power ENERGY
Yes, monsieur OUI