USA Today - Dec 25 2010

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Clues Answers
"Before the Next Teardrop Falls" singer FREDDYFENDER
"King Kong" star WATTS
"Young Frankenstein" character INGA
"___ got a ticket to ride" SHES
15th-century maritime name NINA
AAA offerings RTS
Allow in again READMIT
Apportions ALLOTS
Avoid cancellation RENEW
Biblical reptile SERPENT
Biker's mount HOG
Blew a gasket SAWRED
Calendar col. heading THURS
Calf-length slacks PEDALPUSHERS
Cheryl or Alan LADD
Confused noise DIN
DDE beat him twice AES
Diligently pursues or resides STAYSAT
Doctor's interruption PAGE
Elbowroom LEEWAY
Even the score again RETIE
Faculty boss DEAN
First name in slapstick comedy STAN
Football game segment HALF
Fracas HOOHA
Frightful giants OGRES
Grammy category RAP
Inter ___ (among others) ALIA
Late night host LENO
Like a moonless sky STARLIT
Like a sourball TART
Masticates CHEWS
Miami-___ (Florida county) DADE
Musical phrase mark SLUR
No layabout DOER
Not at home OUT
Clues Answers
Not just any THE
Not virtual REAL
Noted fur trader ASTOR
Nursery moppet TOT
Oceanic eagle ERN
Oddsmaker's last words? TOONE
One of a Chekhov trio IRINA
One of Nixon's vices? AGNEW
Opera about an Ethiopian slave girl AIDA
Place to surf without a board NET
Poli-sci buff's cable station CSPAN
Porter alternative STOUT
Prior to, to Prior ERE
Property encumbrances LIENS
Quiz choice, perhaps TRUE
Shorthand pro STENO
Sound quality TONE
Sports center ARENA
Successfully crashed the gate GOTIN
Sun-baked ARID
Supply with workers STAFF
Swap words CHAT
Trivial PETTY
Under favorable circumstances INAGOODLIGHT
Units of length, in physics FERMIS
Untold centuries EONS
Valley with chateaux LOIRE
Was audibly impressed OOHED
Weird-sounding lake ERIE
What you can take from me? ATIP
Without a break ONEND
Word with "wear" or "stand" UNDER
Worldly, not spiritual SECULAR
___ buco (Italian dish) OSSO
___ the Entertainer CEDRIC