Irish Times (Simplex) - Feb 27 1999

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Clues Answers
'Hard cases make . . . . . .' BADLAW
A complete process SYSTEM
A palindromic seed PIP
Abnormal masses of new tissue growing in body TUMOURS
Accustomed baby to take food rather than milk WEANED
Alluvial deposit MUD
Amelia . . . . . . ., U.S. pioneer aviator EARHART
Ancient Jerusalem, its holy hill ZION
Astonishing, remarkable AMAZING
Belief that all natural things have a living soul ANIMISM
Canada's capital OTTOWA
Capital of Cyprus NICOSIA
Delicate, fragile FRAIL
Feline musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber CATS
Flick or toss, say coin FLIP
For the time being PROTEM
Greek master of geometry EUCLID
Group of Portuguese islands in N Atlantic AZORES
Inflammation of membrane of nose and throat CATARRH
Inters with rubies BURIES
Kind or sort of GENUS
Clues Answers
Legendary queen of Carthage DIDO
Line used in taking sea-soundings SINKER
Natural hollow in hill or cliff CAVE
Of boat, turn turtle CAPSIZE
Pierces to find formulas RECIPES
Put together in makeshift way, faked FUDGED
Putrid and stinking FETID
Regiment of Zulu warriors IMPI
Religious rite of anointing with oil UNCTION
Round cake of pastry filled with currants ECCLES
Semi-precious stone of milky or bluish colour OPAL
She danced for the head of the Baptist SALOME
Short Scottish dagger DIRK
Sign of the Fish PISCES
Stale and dank MUSTY
Support - from the rear? BACKUP
Tear roughly RIP
Thick mucous in throat PHLEGM
To and . . . - back and forth FRO
Tree implants or corrupt business practices GRAFTS
Wholesale slaughter CARNAGE