Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 6 2001

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Clues Answers
' ... in the stilly night' (Moore) OFT
CAn a fir have his nationality? AFRICAN
Cashbox TILL
Changing direction TURNING
Cipher CODE
Closes, fortifies SECURES
Coloured sticks for drawing CRAYONS
Cut down on,lessen REDUCE
Elusive, delicate SUBTLE
Emblems, labels BADGES
Facility for physical training GYM
Fall in small drops DRIP
Feline mammal CAT
Give up bad old ways REFORM
Having the characteristics of a group TYPICAL
Hindu philosophy of tranquility through physical exercise YOGA
Hold dear, regard highly VALUE
Intense feeling EMOTION
Item inserted in a written record ENTRY
Large brownish flatfish TURBOT
Leave out OMIT
Clues Answers
Natural aptitude TALENT
Nocturnal mouselike mammal BAT
One of a matching pair TWIN
Pay days for many FRIDAYS
Providing security to guarantee a prisoner's appearence in court BAILING
Radioactive metallic element URANIUM
Reasons, grounds CAUSES
Refrain from DESIST
Remove, erase DELETE
Respiratory organ of fish GILL
Sacred songs PSALMS
Scottish or Irish lake LOCH
Show off BOAST
Small light boat CANOE
Soak up ABSORB
Tall thin structures TOWERS
Tall wood plant BAMBOO
Travelling on water for pleasure BOATING
Tries to write compositions? ESSAYS
Vehicle for snow SLEDGE