Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 9 2003

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Clues Answers
A feeling of imminent sickness NAUSEA
A group of six singers SEXTET
All right, let it be thus SOBEIT
Beam of light or flat fish RAY
Break-water or landing stage PIER
Burns with water SCALDS
Bushy evergreen shrub used for hedges PRIVET
Causing death, say accident FATAL
Cold region in the northern hemisphere ARCTIC
Distribute or become used up GIVEOUT
Extreme vegetarians VEGANS
Fleshy part of the ear LOBE
Former unit of money in Italy LIRA
Great river of Iraq TIGRIS
Hindu spiritual teacher GURU
Hurry away or sink a ship SCUTTLE
Hypocritical talk, sounds negative CANT
Informal chat moving lower jaw CHINWAG
Jeffrey, bowman? ARCHER
Jumps, runs about playfully CAPERS
Kind of plum for nomads DAMSON
Clues Answers
Lithest kind of prickly plant THISTLE
Make emergency parachute exit from plane BALEOUT
Mark Twain wrote 'The Adventures of Tom ......' SAWYER
Multi-coloured arc in the sky RAINBOW
Musically, with spirit CONBRIO
Mutineer, one who defies authority REBEL
Network of underground tunnels built by rabbits WARREN
Oaths and promises VOWS
Oscar Wilde play 'The Importance of Being .......' EARNEST
Plant with broad crisp leaves used in salads LETTUCE
Prefix meaning under or below SUB
Present as a gift BESTOW
Ruminants chew it CUD
Staying awake to keep watch or pray VIGIL
Surrender, yield CEDE
The kitchen in a ship or aircraft GALLEY
The second Greek letter BETA
Thus, in Latin SIC
Triangular upper parts of outside walls of a house GABLES
Well educated, having great learning ERUDITE
Wined, dined and honoured FETED