Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 30 2003

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Clues Answers
'Be it ever so humble, there's .. ..... like home NOPLACE
A child's dog BOWWOW
A deep water-filled ditch around a castle MOAT
A noisy, badly-behaved youth LOUT
Aligned in front LEADING
American state, capital Tallahassee FLORIDA
American taxis CABS
Be suddenly angry - like bull? SEERED
Beautiful ladies of the ball? BELLES
Blush or become flushed REDDEN
Bottles after the contents have been poured out EMPTIES
Careful and economical FRUGAL
Drowse like water-seeking man DOWSER
Extreme fright TERROR
Farm for breeding horses STUD
He makes an offer at auction BIDDER
In brief, a soccer controller REF
In brief, popular body powder TALC
Informal drug or stupid person DOPE
Intense delight, bliss RAPTURE
John ...... wrote 'The Pilgrim's Progress' BUNYAN
Clues Answers
Legendary beauty of Troy HELEN
Level of proficiency in judo DAN
Light-hearted chaff or teasing BANTER
Major division of a tennis match SET
Make numb, deprive of feeling DEADEN
Manner of walking or running GAIT
Meal where guests serve themselves BUFFET
Obtains in fortified place or stronghold BASTION
Old King Cole was a ..... old soul MERRY
Pays court to WOOS
Play about in lively cheerful way FROLIC
Point or full stop DOT
Quit job voluntarily RESIGN
Raised or praised highly EXALTED
Sharpens on stone HONES
Small pieces of meat and veg cooked on a skewer KEBAB
Small triangular bone at base of spine COCCYX
Strokes of a whip LASHES
Tanned hide LEATHER
The way things are, no illusions REALITY
Threatening, looks bad OMINOUS