Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 25 2001

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Clues Answers
Adopt or support as with a cause ESPOUSE
After a long time, or in detail ATLENGTH
Agreement and harmony ACCORD
Animal that feeds off another PARASITE
Coiled in submissive way DOCILE
Completely and entirely, not gradually OUTRIGHT
Composer of the ` `Messiah' ' HANDEL
Cooks in oven ROASTS
Deem to be archaic recompense MEED
Dig your ..... ..; refuse to give way HEELSIN
Eat with Enid DINE
Engraver and polisher of gems LAPIDARY
Everlasting, not affected by time ETERNAL
Go away or go astray GETLOST
Having great natural ability, talented GIFTED
Mathematical statement using = sign EQUATION
Clues Answers
Middle-aged or elderly married woman MATRON
Occur unexpectedly - like harvest? CROPUP
Of sheperds, or concerned with spiritual guidance PASTORAL
Repeat aloud from memory as for audience RECITE
Represent - in upright posture? STANDFOR
Safety device to be worn in car SEATBELT
Sharp knock on a door RATTAT
Slangily nude - starts being stellar STARKERS
Smelling like stale fat RANCID
Sudden inclinations to act IMPULSES
Surrender or yield CEDE
Swells by pressure from within DISTENDS
The West, as opposed to the Orient OCCIDENT
Tingling sensation in skin ITCH
Tomorrow in Barcelona MANANA
Upper part of woman's dress BODICE