USA Today - Dec 10 2007

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Clues Answers
''Beau ___'' GESTE
''Carmen'' solo ARIA
''Monster'' that's really a lizard GILA
''Tamerlane'' poet POE
''Wide World of Sports'' innovator Arledge ROONE
1973 film ''The Way We ___'' WERE
Actress Hayley MILLS
Affectionate touch CARESS
Aimee of ''La Dolce Vita'' ANOUK
Arctic hazard FLOE
Bit of scripting LINE
Brangelina, for one ITEM
Bread with tabbouleh PITA
Broken-in TAME
Carried on RANTED
Charley horse, e.g. PAIN
Chilled out CALM
Competed on ''American Idol'' SANG
Couturier Cassini OLEG
Dubbed NAMED
Dunderheads MORONS
E-mail command SEND
Even exchanges TRADEOFFS
Express a view OPINE
Faux pas GAFFE
Five-spots FINS
Flying solo, e.g. ALONE
Garden of Genesis EDEN
Got the suds out RINSED
Greet the day ARISE
He was Bourne in Hollywood MATTDAMON
Hobby shop purchase KIT
Initiation practice RITE
Keg attachment TAP
Kind of computer connection WIFI
License plates TAGS
Like Darth Vader EVIL
Lukewarm TEPID
Lupino of ''High Sierra'' IDA
Clues Answers
Major, but not minor RANK
Mayberry boy OPIE
Movie audio enhancement SOUNDEFFECT
October birthstone OPAL
Often overlooked contract language FINEPRINT
Oil field investigation WELLLOGGING
On the house FREE
Pooh's creator MILNE
Present occasion NONCE
Raggedy Ann, for one DOLL
Ready for business OPEN
Right-hook man? SMEE
Rocker Russell LEON
Roll back to zero, e.g. RESET
RSVP enclosure SASE
Russian physiologist Pavlov IVAN
Sal of ''Exodus'' MINEO
Secure, as a contract LAND
Shire of ''Rocky'' TALIA
Short-sheeting a bed, e.g. PRANK
Skin cream ingredient ALOE
Some shade trees ELMS
Sort or type ILK
Squelch SITON
Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
Synthetic fiber ORLON
Take the wrong way? STEAL
Talked a blue streak? SWORE
Teen hangouts MALLS
Tickle pink ELATE
To an extreme or elaborate degree FITTOKILL
Ton of money PILE
Turf occupier GANG
U-turn from WSW ENE
When ''SNL'' ends, in NYC ONEAM
Woody of ''Broadway Danny Rose'' ALLEN
Xenophobe's fear ALIEN
Zellweger of ''Chicago'' RENEE
___ onto (take possession of) GLOM