New York Times - Nov 25 2003

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Clues Answers
'Follow me!' CMON
'Now I see!' AHA
'That's enough!' STOPIT
'The Witches' director Nicolas ROEG
'Wheel of Fortune' category PHRASE
'___ Tu' (1974 hit) ERES
17- and 65-Across, and 10- and 25-Down PAGES
Actress ___ Marie Saint EVA
Air quality tester, for short EPA
Artillery burst SALVO
Assist in crime ABET
Bygone Turkish title PASHA
Calls for donations PLEAS
Catch a few Z's DOZE
Cause of muscle ache STRAIN
Christian of Hollywood SLATER
Civil wrong TORT
Classic soft drink NEHI
Coffee, slangily MUD
Crammer's worry EXAM
Cuomo's successor as New York governor PATAKI
Customary USUAL
Dire fate DOOM
Epitome of easiness? PIE
Falling upon deaf ears UNHEARD
Friendship AMITY
Glaswegian gals LASSES
Gold: Prefix AUR
Guilt-producing meeting, maybe TRYST
High berth UPPER
Industry big shot CZAR
Italia's capital ROMA
Jellystone Park denizen YOGI
King of the road HOBO
Leave out OMIT
Leopold's celebrated murder co-defendant of the 1920's LOEB
Making a mess in the army? ONKP
Many moons ___ AGO
Marina walkways PIERS
Clues Answers
Mercury and Saturn, e.g. AUTOS
More rational SANER
Move like sludge OOZE
Napkin holders? LAPS
Note on a Post-it, maybe MEMO
Oscars org. AMPAS
Pizazz ZING
Place to store mukluks IGLOO
Planted SOWN
Playground equipment SEESAW
Press conference attendee, at times ASKER
Repeat, as a theme REPRISE
Robin Hood, for one ROBBER
Rummy cake BABA
Say the rosary PRAY
See 41-Across SENATEAIDE
See 41-Across USEABEEPER
Seemingly boundless VAST
Signal by hand WAVEAT
Skunk's defense ODOR
Slacken EASEUP
Slobs' homes STIES
Social reformer Jacob RIIS
Spots for spats ANKLES
Stereo components TUNERS
Subject of adoration IDOL
Tel ___ AVIV
Ticks off IRES
Toad feature WART
Tooth part ROOT
TV's Trebek ALEX
Word of praise KUDOS
Words of clarification IDEST
Zoo houseful APES
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
___ en scène (stage setting) MISE
___ one's time (wait) BIDE