USA Today - Apr 22 2011

Clues Answers
"Alice ___ Live Here Anymore" DOESNT
"All hands on ___!" DECK
"Dear ___ or Madam" SIR
"My turn at bat" IMUP
"On a similar note" and the like SEGUES
"The missing piece!" AHA
"What a pleasant surprise!" OHO
1,000 gees is a cool one MIL
A California Santa ROSA
A couple from Connecticut? ENS
All-purpose beans (Var.) SOYAS
Ancient market AGORA
Away from the prow ASTERN
Barely make, as a living EKEOUT
Begin a journey SETOUT
Beginnings GENESES
Belt along HIE
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Bowlers' targets PINS
Cat call MEW
Celestial streaker COMET
Check receivers PAYEES
Clear a frosted windshield DEICE
Closely related (to) AKIN
Collecting Soc. Sec., perhaps RETD
Confession components SINS
Country singer West DOTTIE
Crops up ARISES
Day divs. HRS
Drawn-out substance EDUCT
Dry, as tobacco leaves CURE
Eases up on the gas SLOWS
Fee to enter a poker game BUYIN
Feeling for the unfortunate PITY
Flightless South American birds RHEAS
Frozen spear ICICLE
Fully-prepped material for a printer, maybe CAMERAREADYCOPY
German river through Koln RHEIN
Given a lube job OILED
Clues Answers
Guarantees the failure of DOOMS
Held a conference MET
Highlanders GAELS
Hold the title to OWN
Hole in one ACE
It's right under your nose LIP
Locomotive part CAB
Make a clean slate? ERASE
Malty brews ALES
Moore of "A Few Good Men" DEMI
Mournful wails YOWLS
Mouse kin RAT
Muslim salutation SALAAM
NASCAR's Petty or Busch KYLE
Opera highlight ARIA
Part of HRH, at times HIS
Perceive DESCRY
Play group CAST
Political money raiser ACTIONCOMMITTEE
Polygraph detections LIES
Porgy's woman BESS
Priesthood MINISTRY
Pungent-smelling ACRID
Puts a smile on everyone's face LIGHTSUPTHEROOM
Quarter-pounder part PATTY
Rage relative IRE
Seraglio HAREM
Short relative? BRO
Shrek is one OGRE
Skip across a surface DAP
Snake on an Egyptian headpiece ASP
Sneak (around) SKULK
Survived somehow GOTBY
Thanksgiving side dish YAM
Weighty Kuwaiti? EMIR
Word before "chi" and after "mai" TAI
___ Claire, Wisc. EAU