New York Times - Nov 14 2003

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Clues Answers
'Bambi' character ENA
'Norma' librettist Felice ___ ROMANI
'O' may open it ODE
'The Praise of Folly' author ERASMUS
'Whatever' YEAHSURE
'___ World' ('Sesame Street' segment) ELMOS
1980 John Carpenter chiller THEFOG
Alternative to crossing out ERASER
Are, in Ávila ESTA
Associated with choppers DENTAL
Bergen's bumpkin SNERD
Buttonholes, say SEWS
Camp clothing label NAMETAPE
Chopin's 'Raindrop' Prelude is in it DFLAT
Code collection LAWS
Cold ones BREWSKIS
Court boundary ENDLINE
Crashing bore YAWNER
Crawls, e.g. SWIMS
Department whose capital is Lille NORD
Done up professionally STYLED
Fish, in a way SEINE
Formulator of the law of quadratic reciprocity EULER
French cordial flavoring ANIS
High marks KUDOS
High-tech report READOUT
Horned Frogs' sch. TCU
Infect TAINT
Iron-pumpers' targets DELTS
It may stop the presses GAGORDER
Kind of kick ONSIDE
Lat. and others, once SSRS
Like some marine habitats INSHORE
Clues Answers
Loss leader? ATA
Low-quality ONESTAR
Make ___ buck AFAST
Moo ___ pork SHU
Motor-mouths love them GABFESTS
National forest in California SHASTA
Nice way to rest ASSURED
Obviously embarrassed BEETRED
Okinawa port NAHA
Old PC installation MSDOS
One may let you in GATEMAN
Oppression PALL
Overcasting in order to prevent fraying SERGING
Pennsylvania town connected by bridge to Lambertville, N.J. NEWHOPE
Perfect 10, perhaps DREAMGIRL
Product of Berlin SONG
Pulls the switch? SWAPS
Quite qualified to serve ONEA
Service lights? TAPERS
Shell game SCAM
Spring's opposite NEAP
Steps on a scale TONES
Strike back, e.g. REACT
Take away DETRACT
Terse question WHO
They may put out feelers INSECTS
Title heroine of many Beverly Cleary books RAMONA
Tony winner Worth and others IRENES
Twelve Oaks neighbor TARA
Unanimously TOAMAN
W.W. II weapon STEN
Water under the bridge BYGONES
Way to await something EAGERLY
Where to get bluepoints OYSTERBAR