Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 15 1999

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Clues Answers
A glut or over-abundance PLETHORA
A Mexican river, may be grande RIO
American state, capital Dover DELAWARE
Bay between France and Spain BISCAY
Being disposed to show clemency MERCIFUL
Black carbon used in lead pencils GRAPHITE
Chaperon in most southerly part of S America CAPEHORN
Characteristic standards of those ETHOS
Chit acknowledging debt IOU
Cold and unresponsive FRIGID
Declaring or demanding emphatically INSISTENT
Decorate with a raised design EMBOSS
Faint heart ne''er won.... ... FAIRLADY
Franz ..... composed 'The Merry Widow' LEHAR
Impudent or disrespectful CHEEKY
It's a faucet in America TAP
It's a mistake ERROR
Clues Answers
Looked lasciviously LEERED
One who is sluggish in work or actions, due to tardy vehicle? SLOWCOACH
Oust in epodes DEPOSE
Romantic and expensive island in Bay of Naples CAPRI
Spooky, weird EERIE
Spring back or flinch RECOIL
State of having reached full development MATURITY
Sticks for elevated walking STILTS
Strings of shell beads once used by N American Indians as money WAMPUM
Subdue in bovine manner? COW
Submit case to higher court for review APPEAL
The killing of one's own parent PARRICIDE
The last Greek letter OMEGA
The season leading up to Christmas ADVENT
The southernmost region of Spain ANDALUSIA
Tomorrow in 28 Across MANANA
Top seat of committee CHAIR
Walk proudly like peacock STRUT