USA Today - Nov 10 2003

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Clues Answers
"Boys Town" star TRACY
Abandoned ships HULKS
Add up to MEAN
Agatha Christie title DAME
Agronomist's concern SOIL
Annie, to Warbucks WARD
Asian range URAL
Austen heroine EMMA
Bad, as weather NASTY
Be much less than a hero CLOSEYOUREYESTO
Become worthy of EARN
Bert's pal ERNIE
Betting chances ODDS
Big jerk YANK
Billy Budd, for one SEAMAN
Bit of a rascal SCAMP
Bout rout KAYO
Burden of proof ONUS
Choice list MENU
Clear breach RIFT
Cockeyed ASKEW
Court proceeding CASE
Debt voucher CHIT
Door position SHUT
Earthenware jar OLLA
Exaggerated TALL
First female U.S. attorney general RENO
Fit to be tied IRATE
Geared up EAGER
Glorify EXALT
Go down the tubes TANK
Go-___ KART
Hair-raising EERIE
Half a sawbuck FIN
Hawked one's wares VENDED
Hero's home? DELI
Iditarod equipment SLED
Informer RAT
Clues Answers
Insertion indicator CARET
Isn't blind to SEES
Itsy-bitsy TEENY
Jersey baby CALF
Jump shot's path ARC
Keg quaff ALE
Lose one's backbone? TAKEITLYINGDOWN
Lump in one's throat? UVULA
Luxuriant LUSH
Minnesota's Ventura JESSE
Moved gingerly EDGED
Ocean oasis ISLET
Passel SLEW
Polly, to Tom Sawyer AUNT
Potatoes partner MEAT
Qatari, e.g. ARAB
Quizzes ASKS
Reporter's word WHEN
Rug type AREA
Satisfy, as demands MEET
Scottish landowner LAIRD
Shallow gully DRAW
Sheltered side LEE
Size up READ
Splendid attire ARRAY
Sport for large athletes SUMO
Spring events THAWS
Stick one's nose into PRY
Take the sycophant's way out AGREETOANYTHING
Tattletale NAMER
Threshing debris CHAFF
Took a gander VIEWED
Treaty partner ALLY
Wave parts CRESTS
Wheels support AXLE
Wickerwork cane RATTAN
Woodwind member OBOE
Word in a Kipling title JUNGLE
Word with picture or freeze FRAME