Irish Times (Simplex) - Feb 18 2003

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Clues Answers
A calling as to priesthood VOCATION
A detailed analysis, being weak and exhausted RUNDOWN
A pendant spike of frozen water ICICLE
Anorexia . . . . . . . is an obsessive illness with loss of appetite NERVOSA
Bark to attract great Hungarian composer BARTOK
Calamity as in sad play TRAGEDY
Church recess in lapsed condition APSE
Containing salt or salts SALINE
Drab hero being loathed ABHORRED
Dukes, earls, lords, ladies - the lot PEERAGE
Expel from country - not a citizen DEPORT
Harmless peculiarity or mannerism FOIBLE
He sold his birthright for a mess of pottage ESAU
Lone chip used in this card game PINOCHLE
Made dirty or impure (8) POLLUTED
Military trumpets BUGLES
Clues Answers
Player of traditional Scottish musical instrument BAGPIPER
Protesting vigorously - got guns? UPINARMS
Put or lay on- say a tax IMPOSE
Puzzle and confuse BEMUSE
Shackle for the ankle FETTER
Shakespeare ''The Taming of . . . . . . . .'' THESHREW
Small pickled cucumbers GHERKINS
Snubbed in contemptuous way REBUFFED
soft-soled canvas shoes SNEAKERS
Sour and cantankerous like common shellfish CRABBY
Speak sharply or break suddenly SNAP
Stings, sounding clever SMARTS
Stun with hard fruits NUTS
The common trachea WINDPIPE
Thin out with water DILUTE
Tricks and devices, often to attract publicity GIMMICKS