Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 10 2006

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Clues Answers
A long thin cigar STOGIE
A plush-like fabric VELOUR
A young swan CYGNET
American state, capital Lansing MICHIGAN
An official decree, from Russian UKASE
Ask Bertie about tennis set deciders when games are drawn TIEBREAKS
Blanket-like shawl worn by Mexican men SERAPE
Blood of the gods ICHOR
Business notation for last month ULT
Chief or most important, like a minister PRIME
Cry of a crow CAW
Fiction's Lord of the Apes TARZAN
Green tea for young person TEENAGER
He wrote 'Gulliver's Travels' - clerical title DEANSWIFT
Lacking sense, silly INANE
Less vice in bodily blisters VESICLES
Light-hearted, no worries CAREFREE
Middle East country, capital Damascus SYRIA
Clues Answers
Money or gifts generously given LARGESSE
More than enough PLENTY
Move slowly or stealthily CREEP
Mysterious or secret ARCANE
Nattily attired, wearing stylish clothes DRESSY
Not generally liked or enjoyed UNPOPULAR
Put on, tax or obligation IMPOSE
Rap enemy under celestial vault EMPYREAN
Sound made to show disapproval or contempt BOO
Stand for artist's painting EASEL
Subtle but misleading reasoning SOPHISTRY
Sweatier, being most tired WEARIEST
The most famous Hun of all ATTILA
The season leading up to Christmas ADVENT
Thieving black and white bird MAGPIE
Throbbed, expanded and contracted rhythmically PULSATED
Traditional Japanese theatre NOH
Very thin or very steep SHEER