New York Times - Feb 27 1997

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Clues Answers
'Heimskringla' stories SAGAS
'Hey, you!' PSST
'Lovely ___' (1967 song) RITA
'___ Weapon' LETHAL
Arm, to Armand BRAS
Ballyhoo HYPE
Big shot VIP
Board with a planchette OUIJA
Butler of fiction RHETT
Child who's six-foot-two JULIA
Chiromancers read them PALMS
Coarse tobacco SHAG
Common tater SPUD
Copycat APER
Cow catcher LARIAT.
Cries from Krupp ACHS
Daughter of Homer LISA
Daughter of Juan Carlos ELENA
Droop SAG
English dramatist Thomas MIDDLETON
Factions SECTS
Fast time LENT
Find ___ for (pair with) AMATE
Fit for Eden? ABELBODIED
Forbidden tree decor? CANDYCAINS
Garage jobs LUBES
Glazier's goop PUTTY
Go on and on DRONE
Grocery carriers CARTS
Hackberry's cousin ELM
Have coming DESERVE
He's had a Rocky career SLY
Heckle RIDE
Helper of parable SAMARITAN
High school subject SPANISH
Clues Answers
Ill temper BILE
Internet messages EMAIL
It holds the mayo JAR.
Kind of bread PITA
Less verbose TERSER
Menudo's kudos BRAVOS
Message at the dawn of Creation? UPANDADAM
Milne baby ROO
Number corresponding to an exponent ANTILOG
Odd place for a cradle TREETOP
One-time connector ATA
Outpouring SPATE
Overhears Satan tempt? EVESDROPS
Patient's program REHAB
Prefix with conference or commute TELE
Produce hippie attire TIEDYE
Puts one within another NESTS
Receptive OPEN
Seat of Washoe County RENO
Shady way LANE
Shaq's alma mater LSU
Solomon's mother BATHSHEBA
Spy in 1994 headlines AMES
Start of Hamlet's 'Yorick' speech ALAS
They're nuts PECANS
Trademarked items LOGOS
Use a reverse stitch PURL
Volume TOME
Wife of Saturn OPS
Winner of a 1944 Pulitzer PYLE
Winter pear ANJOU
Words after 'whether' ORNOT
___ Canals SOO.