Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 3 2001

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Clues Answers
'A miss is as good as a ....' MILE
A French cake GATEAU
A malevolent Scottish water spirit like a horse KELPIE
Able, proficient CAPABLE
Activities concerned with boosting self-esteem EGOTRIPS
All united-males only? TOAMAN
An informal Irish illegal drinking house SHEBEEN
An intimidatory warning THREAT
Being disputed or discussed ATISSUE
Checks or reads list one by one ITEMISES
City of the Tagus LISBON
Creature that lives off others PARASITE
Deprived of feeling NUMB
Dickens novel 'Barnaby .....' RUDGE
Dogma or principle TENET
Equal to, on equal footing ONAPAR
Excessive interest in obscene things SCATOLOGY
Far beneath, like Australia DOWNUNDER
Clues Answers
Informally fooled-sounds fishy CODDED
Lacking a sense of right and wrong AMORAL
Lady Hamilton's admiral lover NELSON
Legendary beauty of Troy HELEN
Mighty hunter of Genesis NIMROD
Military entertainment or skin adornment TATTOO
Not equitable-or blonde? UNFAIR
Reckoned debt or score TALLIED
Salty to aliens SALINE
Shakespeare: 'Love's ...... Lost' LABOUR
She danced for the head of the Baptist SALOME
Shimmer and flash in court case CORUSCATE
Side of March when Caesar died IDES
The language of Virgil LATIN
The same-in Latin IDEM
Without restraint, as horse may be UNBRIDLED
Words spoken from corner of mouth ASIDES
Yellow spring flower beloved of Wordsworth DAFFODIL