USA Today - Oct 21 2003

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Clues Answers
"Date film" classic of 1987 DIRTYDANCING
"National Velvet" author Bagnold ENID
"Sesame Street" muppet ELMO
A ___ (assumed true) PRIORI
About face, in a way UTURN
Act the ham EMOTE
Ancient Greek region IONIA
Bait for shoppers SALE
Be dependent RELY
Bearded creature GNU
Before, informally TIL
Benevolent KIND
Bikini experiment, briefly NTEST
Cheap so-and-so MISER
Church feature STAINEDGLASS
Counterbalance OFFSET
Distiller Walker HIRAM
Dolphins' domain MIAMI
Dummy Mortimer SNERD
Enjoy Telluride SKI
Enter, as data INPUT
Euro casualty FRANC
Expert in elocution ORATOR
Fashion monogram YSL
Feature of some paneling KNOT
Freight hopper, stereotypically HOBO
Frequency range WAVEBAND
Fruity quaff ADE
Give up by degrees WEAN
Golden Calf, e.g. IDOL
Ham holder RYE
Hand cream additive ALOE
Handful SOME
High barks YIPS
Home's opposite AWAY
Horse of a different color ROAN
Huck's transport RAFT
Indiana hoopster PACER
Clues Answers
It may go to blazes HOSE
It's first at work SAFETY
Layer PLY
Le Pew's defense ODOR
Less congenial ICIER
Like Bill Gates FILTHYRICH
LP player HIFI
Make hash MINCE
Menu selection ENTREE
Midmonth day IDES
Nettle IRK
No spring chicken OLD
Noted Big Apple restaurateur SARDI
Persia, today IRAN
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Piece of a shattered pane SHARD
Pinkish hue SALMON
Rap sheet inits. AKA
Sack BAG
Simile center ASA
Sister NUN
Some saxes ALTOS
Space bar neighbor ALT
Special events GALAS
Studious one BOOKWORM
Suburban plot, maybe ACRE
Taxing time APRIL
Times two DUAL
Totally pointless INANE
Treat badly MISUSE
Understands GETS
Wake Island, e.g. ATOLL
Warship-related NAVAL
Windshield shading TINT
Word with photo and special OPS
Words in a Johnny Rivers song title MUDDYWATER
Working diligently ATIT
Yellowstone sight WAPITI