Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 11 2006

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Clues Answers
A Terrible Russian ruler of old IVAN
American enclosure for horses CORRAL
An official order or judgement DECREE
An outline drawing or a comedy number SKETCH
Animal entrails and organs, rubbish OFFAL
Be silent to join up ENLIST
Breakfast food made from grain CEREAL
Brutes of potatoes TUBERS
Bullet or missile aimed casually POTSHOT
Danger, risk - perhaps on golf course HAZARD
Dignity of behaviour or procedure DECORUM
Distinctive atmosphere surrounding a person AURA
Drifter is attracted to food whisked in pan STIRFRIED
Eccentric person of piscine sort ODDFISH
Greatly surprised AMAZED
Greek god of the sun APOLLO
Having the right frame of mind - for old band number? INTHEMOOD
He goes over to the enemy DEFECTOR
Clues Answers
Hesitate, begin to give way FALTER
Horse-riding competition for cowboys RODEO
Inscribed a coat of arms with name, colours etc BLAZONED
Join the crowd, mix in MINGLE
Metric measure of land HECTARE
Pack in or study hard CRAM
Place for incubating fish eggs HATCHERY
Reduce dangerous condition, in bomb or situation DEFUSE
Scoffs at over clothes no longer wanted CASTOFFS
Scottish islands north-east of Orkneys, noted for ponies SHETLANDS
Sea-lord who loved Lady Hamilton NELSON
Sensation in the mouth caused by food TASTE
Shaving foam LATHER
Show to be exaggerated or false, claim or theory DEBUNK
Songs sung by two DUETS
Talk irreverently about God and sacred things BLASPHEME
Threw up in the air, coin or salad TOSSED
Went to find amphibian NEWT