Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 24 2004

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Clues Answers
'. . . . . . is as good as a feast' ENOUGH
A household or routine task CHORE
A natural sound reflection ECHO
An American little finger PINKIE
Biblical hypocrites PHARISEES
Brownish-purple colour PUCE
Customs or monk's gowns HABITS
Declare without actual proof ALLEGE
Experience or endure UNDERGO
Fabric made in openwork design LACE
Flow of people into a place INFLUX
Formal description of capital letters UPPERCASE
Free someone from duty by taking his place RELIEVE
Group of plants with common characteristics GENUS
Having enough money to pay debts SOLVENT
Hold dear, be fond of CHERISH
If normal, be casual and without ceremony INFORMAL
Imitate like tropical bird PARROT
Clues Answers
Irresponsible like vandal, lacking proper motives WANTON
Leans towards slopes? INCLINES
Legendary beauty of Troy HELEN
Make gains and losses that balance exactly BREAKEVEN
More equitable or blonde FAIRER
Movable cover on ship's deck - batten it down HATCH
Move from side to side, say toes WIGGLE
Old British Conservatives TORIES
Peninsula in Ukraine where the Light Brigade charged CRIMEA
Say what's on your mind, don't suppress it OUTWITHIT
Serving no practical purpose OTIOSE
Speak freely or unlock door OPENUP
This bullet leaves smoke in its passage TRACER
Tragic Shakespearean king LEAR
Truly, in fact REALLY
Unsightly flakes of dead skin in hair DANDRUFF
Use force or influence to make person do something COMPEL
Yellow spring flower from promiser PRIMROSE