Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 11 2003

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Clues Answers
Almost in a knot, but not by day, that is to say NIGHTIE
Did not go enough, maybe and suffered for it UNDERWENT
Do this and it could lead to wage war UNDERPAY
Do you realise you could make a present of this at last? KNOW
Even no mixture could get so grand as to make it so poisonous ENVENOM
How heavenly to turn tail to a certain degree! ANGLE
How the little figure goes and provides cover for Adam and Eve? FIGLEAVES
Hurried up with the pest I have, all told NARRATIVE
I have got to be quick after a half-century ALIVE
If you're barely literate, you'll need to make another change READJUST
In one time you could have made light of this OUNCE
In time there's no such for credit HONOURS
Make way gradually and get married around the North WEND
Might one have an inclination not to be overweight? LEAN
One might eat this and perhaps get grey and rue how holy it sounds GRUYERE
Seems that here is a band on Ed, but not right in front LEFTBEHIND
Clues Answers
She could be so pleasant around the East, or the South, of France NIECE
Sounds as if Bridget might rush to the bottom to raise a family BREED
Sounds as if perhaps one might need training for such banter RAILLERY
Sounds if you might go to him to get a cheque for your books AUDITOR
Space for the return of Othello ROOM
Steered the vessel around four, having plotted the way it should go CONNIVED
Stretch out and there'll be enough for everyone at last REACH
Take a look and refer to nothing on television VIDEO
That's a chancy way for the knight to be turning on his monarch (7) RISKING
The cleric comes back in the time so measureless to man, according to Coleridge CAVERNS
The way to scratch a bird and make nothing of it SCOREADUCK
There isn't any reason not to have a garden NOGROUNDS
Where it's linear at last - almost NEARTHEEND
Where one could hammer out one crooked nail about five ANVIL
Where there's metal, too, in a great way, by the sound of it (7) ANDIRON
You'd better look out, clever Boss MASTERMIND