Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 21 2006

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Clues Answers
26 Down may be shaped into this decorative ring WREATH
A Callas seen in famous Milan opera house LASCALA
A group of seven, say singers SEPTET
A hard glossy varnish LACQUER
A sailor's sea song, or a rundown hut SHANTY
Allures with emblems of victory LAURELS
Altered, having been put on guard ALERTED
Chase, run after PURSUE
Cower with fear or embarrassment CRINGE
Daze, concuss STUN
Difference in religious beliefs within a church SCHISM
Drooped as from heat WILTED
Emit smoke or seethe with anger FUME
Fort . . . . holds the USA's gold bullion KNOX
In brief, a society girl getting out of bed DEB
In law, produce person in court - . . . . . . corpus HABEAS
Johann Sebastian . . . ., great 18th century German composer BACH
Legendary beauty of Troy HELEN
Lethal, capable of causing fatal injury DEADLY
Lured so to revered shrine in south of France LOURDES
Make allusion, direct attention with words REFER
Clues Answers
Masticate, grind between teeth CHEW
Modern music with a heavy beat ROCK
Nationality of citizens of Prague CZECHS
Newspapers, radio, TV etc MEDIA
Not severe, merciful LENIENT
Obstruct with picnic basket HAMPER
Photo giving detailed view, as of actor CLOSEUP
Pilfered, stole thing of small value FILCHED
Prefix meaning in the centre of MID
Prejudice based on gender SEXISM
Representative symbol, may be on computer screen ICON
Rise or roll like wave BILLOW
Shakespeare's Scottish play MACBETH
Show fear - of small game bird? QUAIL
Sing with trilling note like a bird WARBLE
Slang sailor or road surfacing material TAR
Surrenders with harvests YIELDS
The perfect garden in need EDEN
The scientific study of animals ZOOLOGY
Violent or damaging action MAYHEM
Work steadily at, say a trade PLY