Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 11 2005

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Clues Answers
After a century he gets underground and goes up in smoke CHEROOT
At this point it's firm, so give it stick COHERE
Back from Poland the editor made off ELOPED
Beside this one may catch about ten NEXT
By taxi the artist gets there by Dublin CABRA
C/T may fox one there COVERT
Get round to having hurried there in Algeria ORAN
Get the doctor to the side up from the bottom DREDGE
How A Scotsman might rouse Kenneth and tell him to go away AWAKEN
How one got the meaning of the ruddy end of it GATHERED
How one may see about the cover as one shortens it, in a manner of speaking ELIDES
How silly to be in India before morning! ASSAM
If she loses her head, she's someone quite different MOTHER
Invest with the last at first ENDUE
It's back to Mother's laboratory for anything so medicinal BALSAM
It's enough to make one puce about a horse to have it on the table EGGCUP
It's not so odd to find such numbers in the ship SEVENS
John begins to be so spirited on occasion SEANCE
Clues Answers
My instalments about tea are 27 down MYSTERIES
Nothing like a cardinal sin (6) HATRED
Now it's OK not be left here RIGHTED
Now that it's let out it may be sublet RELEASED
One takes it as a matter of course MEAL
Run into a boy in fast time RAMADAN
Ten, or Bass? MALEVOICE
The blower is in the boot OBOIST
The object is to get one sound with spades EARTHING
The struggle of the second part of the tennis match, by the sound of it SETTO
There's something about the sun that goes up in smoke CORONA
This wil be old or new TESTAMENT
Thus disc lose with Nepo? OPENUP
To forbid it, one makes it 1 across BARITONE
Try to pay attention, Ronald, to the sound of this figure (9) TRIHEDRON
What a blow to pull back around the South GUST
What's not known about this in the religious body SECRET
Where the fowl get fired with a charge BATTERY