New York Times - Oct 9 2003

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Clues Answers
'A Garden of Earthly Delights' novelist OATES
'Can I help?' NEEDAH
'Othello' villain IAGO
'Yikes!' EGAD
'___ Lama Ding Dong' (1961 hit) RAMA
1967 film set in a prison camp COOLHLUKE
1978 Peace Nobelist SADAT
Actress Sedgwick KYRA
Ancient Greek festival site NEMEA
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Basic telephone HSET
Begin to understand GETAHLEON
Bickering ATIT
Bottle in the bathroom DRANO
Certain horses BAYS
City south of Yosemite FRESNO
Class of '98 member, e.g. ALUM
Coin word UNUM
Collaborated WORKEDHINH
Continue GOON
Cries of pain OWS
Dancing girl in 'The Return of the Jedi' OOLA
Did telemarks, e.g. SKIED
Dollar competitor AVIS
Dry with absorbent paper BLOT
Early movie mogul LOEW
Fierce military action HTOHCOMBAT
Fire ___ OPAL
Former Nebraska senator James EXON
Gently persuade COAX
Grant-___ INAID
Headache HASSLE
Herder COWH
Holly ILEX
Individually crafted HMADE
It sticks in the kitchen SARAN
James of jazz ETTA
Jet black ONYX
Clues Answers
Laura who wrote 'Wedding Bell Blues' NYRO
Lift the spirits of ELATE
Like some Bach works FUGAL
Malt liquor foams BARMS
Modern injections BOTOX
Nearby ATH
Open shot FOREH
Order at a butcher's LOIN
Origin ROOTS
Overwhelmingly HSDOWN
Paint choice LATEX
Peeved, after 'in' APET
Personal and direct HSON
Place for keys and lipstick HBAG
Prefix with biology AGRO
Remains at a steel mill SLAG
Return HBACK
Rev.'s talk SER
Riyadh native ARAB
Saskatchewan tribe CREE
Scott Turow book ONEL
Sight on much old Roman statuary TOGA
Site of Jesus' first miracle CANA
Square NERD
Star of 33-Across NEWMAN
Submit HIN
Suffer from HAVE
Surgical opening? NEURO
Texas's ___ Duro Canyon PALO
Thrashes FLOGS
Tough spot KNOTHOLE
Tribal V.I.P. SHAMAN
Underworld figure CAPO
Veteran OLDH
Welcome GLADH
Without thinking OFFH
___ Verde MESA