Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 27 2004

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Clues Answers
'Better to be safe . . . . . . . . .' THANSORRY
'I fear the . . . . . . bearing gifts' GREEKS
A glossy red fruit eaten as a vegetable TOMATO
A great fleet ARMADA
A male swan COB
A person's initials combined in one design MONOGRAM
A tall thin person, informally and leguminously BEANPOLE
At rear of ship ASTERN
Curt and terse ABRUPT
Frightens or intimidates SCARES
He may ban films or books CENSOR
Hello in Hawaii ALOHA
Hostility, bad feeling towards ENMITY
Hurrah in Spain OLE
Imperial units or measures of land ACRES
Inserted by permanent inhabitant RESIDENT
Lady . . . . . . . . was Nelson's lover HAMILTON
Make possible, facilitate ENABLE
Clues Answers
Modern music for the masses POP
Nobody home, or using every possible speed ALLOUT
Of words, coded or enciphered ENCRYPTED
Old Greek god or very strong person TITAN
Plaster of Paris is made from this chalk-like mineral GYPSUM
Presents of snakes SERPENTS
Remove cover, unveil REVEAL
Roll this out for VIPs REDCARPET
Shell on back of tortoise or crustacean CARAPACE
Steer clear of, dodge AVOID
Surrender to harvest YIELD
The capital of Vietnam HANOI
The last Greek letter OMEGA
Title of Hollywood Academy award OSCAR
Too drear for a bullfighter TOREADOR
Unconventional person or unbranded calf in America MAVERICK
Unit of electric current - short version AMP
Ways of evading a rule or contract LOOPHOLES