Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 27 2004

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Clues Answers
A sheep's woollen coat FLEECE
A subordinate caption as under foreign film SUBTITLE
A surgical stitch SUTURE
A wild ass ONAGER
American state and great western musical OKLAHOMA
An expression of regret for offence APOLOGY
Bluish-white gem cut from translucent mineral ZIRCON
Bring into existence for teenager GENERATE
Conceited or indecent IMMODEST
Container with articles of various values for random choice LUCKYDIP
Cutting instrument made of two joined blades with handles SCISSORS
Earnestly religious, prayerful DEVOUT
Edible bivalve mollusc, common in sea MUSSEL
Emperor who fiddled while Rome burned NERO
Expose, remove covering UNMASK
Flexible, bending easily SUPPLE
Clues Answers
Gruesome, suggesting death MACABRE
In Greek myth, he flew too close to the sun and died ICARUS
Lie with arms and legs spread about loosely SPRAWL
Measure of value or speed RATE
Neighbourhood or site of something LOCALITY
Of tissue, fatty in substance ADIPOSE
One who worships graven images or false gods IDOLATOR
Person who has no faith, or the wrong one INFIDEL
Shakespeare: 'This . . . . . . . ., to thine own self be true' ABOVEALL
Small musical instrument held in teeth and twanged, of Semitic origin JEWSHARP
Something peculiar, person or event ODDITY
Stone-like marble with layers of colours ONYX
Subject to abnormal anxieties or obsessive behaviour NEUROTIC
The way out - go EXIT
Whiteness of face as from illness PALLOR
Woodworm found in kind of timber WORMWOOD