New York Times - Dec 5 1997

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Clues Answers
'Primary Colors' author, for short ANON
'The Purloined Letter' detective DUPIN
'What else...?' AND
'Why not?' SURE
'___ happens...' ASIT
80's military inits. SDI
Actor known for his stunts JACKIECHAN
Actress Bissett of 'Melrose Place' JOSIE
Arias, usually SOLI
Artist Rivera DIEGO
Asphalt PAVE
Attempt a conversion? EVANGELIZE
Block houses? IGLOOS
Bodyguards, personal hairdressers, etc. ENTOURAGE
British Commonwealth member UGANDA
Chemical salts STEARATES
Conestoga haulers OXEN
Cooper's tool ADZE
Decline SAG
Disaster relief org. FEMA
Doc of the bay? VET
Drink at a diner JOE
Drinks with vitamin C ADES
Elizabethan ___ ERA
Encouraging words OLES
Entry words? OPENSESAME
Escapades LARKS
Eye doctor's lens OPTIC.
Ford alternatives GMS
Frangipane ingredient EGG
Hit 1919 musical revived in 1973 IRENE
Informal title of respect CAPN
It's an honor JACK
Kind of socks KNEE
Clues Answers
Land south of Kashmir PUNJAB
Language in 22-Across HINDI
Left or right JAB
Like soccer shoes CLEATED
Long tresses MANES
Makes the cut? EDITS
Many college grads BAS
Melodic composition ARIOSO
Monster's home NESS
Most conservative SQUAREST
One of Spot's masters JANE
Only hypothetical INEXISTENT
Oversize wine bottle JEROBOAM
Paulo or Pedro, e.g. SAO
Periods of grief MOURNINGS
Players without fixed positions ROVERS
Pound, perhaps TENDERIZE
Rouge roulette number CINQ
Secretaries DESKS
Singer Ian JANIS
Sniggler's wriggler EEL
Some decongestants VAPORS
Sophocles tragedy AJAX
Soundly beat CANE
State AVER
Stroller AMBLER
Sudden break in the clouds, say OMEN
Tear sheet? KLEENEX
They may be good for singles LINEDRIVES
Three-time U.S. Open champ IVANLENDL
Tire part STUD
USA Today chart PIE
Where Brunei is BORNEO
___ Books (paperback publisher) TOR
___ Ruins National Monument, N.M. AZTEC