USA Today - Sep 29 2003

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Clues Answers
"Julius Caesar" bird AVIS
"Julius Caesar" crowd ROMANS
Anemometer's recording GUST
Be disloyal to RATON
Be melodramatic EMOTE
Bluffer's ploy RAISE
Breakfast treat COFFEECAKE
Breezed through ACED
Butler's bride OHARA
Camouflage MASK
Career home run champ AARON
Colonizer of Greenland ERIC
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Cover story ALIBI
Early fruit fancier ADAM
Easily split mineral MICA
Elbowroom SPACE
Elliptical OVAL
Exercise authority CRACKTHEWHIP
Free, in a way UNTIE
Gain intensity DEEPEN
Go it alone SOLO
Grizzly bear's catch ELK
Heath MOOR
Heavy herbivore, briefly RHINO
In the style of ALA
Indian prince RAJA
Issues an invitation ASKS
It gets a head ALE
Japanese seaport OSAKA
John or Jane DOE
July 4, 1776, e.g. DATE
Knocked the socks off of WOWED
Kramden of classic TV RALPH
Merriment GLEE
Mischievous little creature ELF
Monastery head ABBOT
More likely APTER
Clues Answers
Nimble AGILE
On in years AGED
One of Santa's reindeer COMET
One-time econ. yardstick GNP
Oodles and oodles TONS
Org. for seniors AARP
Panda's snack BAMBOO
Pivotal temperature MELTINGPOINT
Pocket bread PITA
Production problem LAG
Pronto, in a memo ASAP
Public health agcy. FDA
Pump, perhaps SHOE
Puzzle heading ACROSS
Raccoonlike animal COATI
Race that's always a tie ASCOT
Road runner AUTO
Rockhound's find ORE
Royals Hall-of-Famer George BRETT
Scheme PLOT
Seaweed with leathery fronds KELP
Second-name preceder AKA
Seth's son ENOS
Small arachnid MITE
Snow creation FORT
Spanish Surrealist MIRO
Tex-Mex favorite TACO
They're right at our fingertips NAILS
They're underfoot SOLES
Unkind remark BARB
Vaccine developer SALK
Violin string adjuster PEG
Widespread RIFE
Winged ALAR
Wings on buildings ELLS
Wispy cloud CIRRUS
Word with dead or dog TIRED
Youthful attendant FLOWERGIRL