Universal - Sep 28 2003

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Clues Answers
"Hold up!" WHOA
"The Wind in the Willows" fellow RAT
"___ better to have loved ..." TIS
Actress Lupino IDA
Agcy. of the U.N. ILO
Approaches NEARS
Attraction ALLURE
Biscuitlike cake SCONE
Blend MELD
Boom alternative BUST
Cattle call? LOW
Caused to go SENT
CD forerunners LPS
Cerebral achievement IDEA
Circle section ARC
Corp. officer PRES
Delete ERASE
Dinner selection ENTREE
Dos preceder UNO
Explosive shell SHRAPNEL
Firefighter's bane ARSON
Fishing spot PIER
Give permission SAYYES
Go after CHASE
Golfer Trevino LEE
Hardly recommends PANS
Having second thoughts SORRY
Impetuous one HOTHEAD
It's bagged in the supermarket TEA
Jim Varney role ERNEST
Judicatures COURTS
Knight ride STEED
Layer TIER
Light bulb measures LUMENS
Like many a tale RETOLD
Like Orbison's woman PRETTY
Locale for Christmas stockings MANTEL
Clues Answers
Mayberry notable BEE
Med. group HMO
Most revolting WORST
Museum focus, often NATURALHISTORY
Name of a kingdom until 1939 SIAM
Pirogue CANOE
Plaines leader? DES
Potatoes SPUDS
Precedent setters, often TESTCASES
Put on DON
Race car type INDY
Red and white, among others OAKTREES
Regarding INRE
Regarding ASTO
Rover's buddy FIDO
Searches through RIFLES
Shed some light on INTERPRET
Shepherd's charges EWES
Solemnly promised SWORN
Some carpentry tools HANDSAWS
Something to bank on? ATM
Sound like a dove COO
Space at the end of a sentence? CELL
Sports venue ARENA
Stanley or Dixie, e.g. CUP
SWAT team specialists SHARPSHOOTERS
Take care of SEETO
Tolkien cannibal ORC
Tragic role ROMEO
Unrefined metals ORES
Whoppers FIBS
Wine bottle DECANTER
Without exception TOAMAN
Would-be DA's worry LSAT
Young chaps LADS