New York Times - Dec 3 1997

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Clues Answers
'...peas in ___' APOD
'Get a ___!' GRIP
'Holy ___!' MOLY
'I needed it yesterday' abbr. ASAP
'Seven Years in Tibet' star PITT
'You don't think I'd do it, do you?' DAREME
1102 on a monument MCII
3.9, e.g. GPA
40-Across, informally VEEP
Abode of the gods, in Homer MTIDA
Aquarium TANK
Artist Toulouse-Lautrec HENRI
Back talk LIP
Belligerence PUGNACITY
Boo-boos SLIPS
Book of prophecies HOSEA
Charged item ION
Choir section ALTOS
Consumed EATEN
Decorative case ETUI
Do dock work STEEVE
Dogfaces GIS
Domino products REFINEDSUGARS
Dutch export TULIPS
Extended period AEON
Five Norwegian kings OLAFS
Florentine literary giant DANTE
Go on RANT
Has words (with) ARGUES
Headlands NESSES
Howard and Brown RONS
Israel's Sharon ARIEL
It'll get you there P.D.Q. SST
It's kept in a pen INK
Kaput SHOT
Clues Answers
Key employee? TYPIST
Kind of cookie SMART
Kind of network NEURAL
Midterm, say TEST
Money put aside, for short IRA
More spine-tingling EERIER.
Mortarboard component TASSEL
Mountain ridge ARETE
Nautical direction APORT
Number arrays MATRICES
Old transport STAGE
Opposite of alt NEU
Pacific ___ RIM
Paris pomp ECLAT
Part of a string CULTUREDPEARL
Particularly: Abbr. ESP
Poet Teasdale and others SARAS
Poke fun at RIB
Prefix with -zoan ENTO
Record jacket SLEEVE
San Diego player PADRE
Set straight TRUED
South Pacific kingdom TONGA
Succeeds in bribing CORRUPTS
Surveilling need SATELLITE
Tan and Irving AMYS
Tee off IRE
Teheran native IRANI
They may be found in midstream ISLETS
Thumbs-up reviews RAVES
Twiddled one's thumbs IDLED
Washington V.I.P. ALGORE
Wife of Jacob LEAH
Wraps up ENDS