New York Times - Dec 1 1997

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Clues Answers
'Dies ___' (hymn) IRAE
'I smell ___!' ARAT
'Relax, soldiers!' ATEASE
Actress Hamilton or Hunt LINDA
Aquarium purifier FILTER
AT&T alternative MCI
Bear that's not really a bear PANDA
Bodybuilder's bulges BICEPS.
Bridge precursor WHIST
Bygone phone call cost DIME
Clairvoyant SEER
Commend officially CITE
Conscious AWAKE
Corner square in Monopoly JAIL
Count ___ & His Orchestra BASIE
Discourage from acting DETER
Doozies LULUS
Dressed CLAD
Ending with Cine- or cyclo- RAMA
Enzyme suffixes ASES
Fill in at the office TEMP
Footnote abbr. IBID
Former Sen. Sam and family NUNNS
Gallic girlfriends AMIES
Gun, as an engine REV
Harms the environment POLLUTES
Heavenly host? ANGEL
Highway hauler SEMI
In-line skates, for short BLADES
International golf competition RYDERCUP
L.A.-based petroleum giant ARCO
Less refined CRUDER
Library gizmo DATER
Limited work assignment STINT
Lounge LAZE
Mahogany or maple TREE
Major oven maker AMANA
Clues Answers
Majorettes twirl them BATONS
Manias FADS
Manipulator USER
More drenched minister, at times WETTERWEDDER
Morning haze MIST
Morsel for Miss Muffet CURD
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Motive questioner CYNIC
Murmur 'a good bad-weather race horse' MUTTERMUDDER
Nixon staffer G. Gordon ___ LIDDY
Olympics chant USA
One who's out of this world? ALIEN
Over, in Österreich UBER
Paragons IDEALS
Pays attention to HEEDS
Period in history ERA
Pie holder PAN
Prayer closer AMEN
Prepare, as the way PAVE
Ranges of knowledge KENS
Rap's Dr. ___ DRE
Resentful auctiongoer BITTERBIDDER
Salon professionals DYERS
Second of two pieces of fire truck equipment LATTERLADDER
Smutty DIRTY
Strange EERIE
Suddenly leap (at) LUNGE
Superlative suffix EST
Take for granted ASSUME
Tennis star with a palindromic name SELES
Thrown for ___ ALOOP
Villain, slangily BADDIE
___ Mahal TAJ
___-Lorraine (French region) ALSACE