Wall Street Journal - Sep 19 2003 - September 19, 2003 - Guidance Counselor's Advice

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Clues Answers
'Can you believe that guy?' WHATNERVE
'Drinks are ___!' ONME
'Fat chance!' HAH
'Motor City Madhouse' rocker Ted NUGENT
'My own,' in Latin class MEO
'The Sopranos' carrier HBO
'They're ___ get me!' OUTTO
'Yoo-hoo!' PSST
'___ 'em, tiger!' GOGET
'___ calling?' WHOS
1980s supermodel GIA
47 for Ag, e.g. ATNO
Abby's twin ANN
Advice to a young Carnegie: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' THINKPOSITIVEDALE
Advice to a young Gates: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' GETWITHTHEPROGRAMBILL
Advice to a young Knievel: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' LIVEDANGEROUSLYEVEL
Advice to a young Limbaugh: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' DOTHERIGHTTHINGRUSH
Advice to a young Marceau: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' STOPTALKINGMARCEL
Advice to a young Post: 'If you want to succeed, ___!' BEPOLITEEMILY
Advice to a young Schwarzenegger: 'If you want to succceed, ___!' SHAPEUPARNOLD
Al Jazeera speech ARABIC
Ancient character RUNE
Apt. ad abbr. RMS
Article in Le Monde UNE
Assassin's middle name WILKES
Automotive pioneer OLDS
Big fat zero GOOSEEGG
Big wheel on a ship HELM
Black-clad teens, maybe GOTHS
Bloke CHAP
Bone: Prefix OSTE
Bouncy PERT
Brave legend AARON
Buffalo's county ERIE
Buster Brown's pooch TIGE
Busy time for fireflies NIGHT
Canadian film award GENIE
Capital of Japan YEN
Carbon compound suffix ENE
Cardinal cap letters STL
Casual Friday castoff TIE
Check the cologne INHALE
Chucklehead SCHMO
Cilium LASH
Clavell's '___-Pan' TAI
Counterfeiting need PLATES
Dam's counterpart SIRE
Debuts on Wall St. IPOS
Difficult journey TREK
Dirty digs STY
Do lead-in LATI
Elroy's dog ASTRO
Emptiness VOID
Emulates Mother Teresa DOESGOOD
Famed tax evader CAPONE
Fashion designer Saab ELIE
Fiat subsidiary LANCIA
First born? CAIN
Fix code DEBUG
Flinty wine CHABLIS
Florence flow ARNO
Follow OBEY
Genetics lab topic RNA
Gloomy DOUR
Good docs practice this TLC
Handled without care PAWED
Hanoi holiday TET
Hold stuff CARGO
Clues Answers
Hudson of Hollywood KATE
Ice cream parlor choice ADDIN
In-flight guesstimate ETA
Inter ___ ALIA
Just about NEARLY
Khan's foe KIRK
Kind of barometer ANEROID
Laser output RAY
Legal rights org. ACLU
Level, e.g. TOOL
Lit firecracker sound SSS
Lobby URGE
Longtime Howard Hughes holding TWA
Main men? TARS
Make public AIR
Malcolm's dad HAL
Minister TEND
Miscalculate ERR
Model Carla BRUNI
Mother of Chas. ELIZ
Multicolored PIED
Muscular dog AKITA
Needle-shaped ACEROSE
Nero or Napoleon: Abbr. EMP
Nitrogen compounds AMINES
No, in Novosibirsk NYET
Not fit UNAPT
Object of some inflation EGO
Oxford English Dictionary finish ZED
Pastoral pleas BAAS
PC core CPU
People for whom a state is named UTES
Pigeon variety FANTAIL
Plants anew RESEEDS
Playwright Burrows ABE
Plumed bird EGRET
Plymouth model of the 1980s RELIANT
Political pals CRONIES
Provence pancakes CREPES
Pueblo people HOPIS
Ready for shipping CRATED
Rebelling at sea MUTINYING
Recipe verb PREHEAT
Rocky projection CRAG
Select crowd? VOTERS
Shrinking sea ARAL
Slightly ATAD
Sore spot ACHE
Sound from a lotto winner WHOOP
Stands for funerals BIERS
Succeeded GOTFAR
Tabloid target CELEB
Take ___ (drop in value) ADIVE
There's enormous interest in this USURY
Tourney prize CUP
Transcript stat GPA
TV cop with a pet cockatoo BARETTA
Tyler of 'The Lord of the Rings' LIV
Unfamiliar when encountered by ALIENTO
Unlock, in verse OPE
Unpaid worker INTERN
Up and about ARISEN
Use a scythe MOW
Vintage auto REO
Willa Cather's 'One of ___' OURS
Writer Marilyn ___ Savant VOS
___ nous ENTRE