New York Times - Aug 20 2003

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Clues Answers
'Cut it out!' DONT
'I'm glad that's over!' WHEW
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Altogether INTOTO
Alums-to-be: Abbr. SRS
Amusingly eccentric WACKY
At attention ERECT
Audition tape DEMO
Beat fast RACE
Berkshire school ETON
Biblical gift bearers MAGI
British royal ANNE
Broadway's ___ Jay Lerner ALAN
Charon crosses it STYX
Clock sweeper HAND
Defense acronym NATO
Dissuade DETER
Egg: Prefix OVI
Equipped with a heater? ARMED
Fasten, as a ship's rope BELAY
Flippant PERT
Formed beads, in a way PERSPIRED
Full of firs PINEY
Gobbles EATSUP
Grasping GREEDY
Grp. with barrels OPEC
Handled badly MISDID
High dudgeon IRE
Hornswoggled DUPED
Hunter of old movies IAN
In addition ELSE
Infantry unit REGIMENT
Jai ___ ALAI
Kachina doll makers HOPIS
Kibbutz dance HORA
Kuwaiti, e.g. ARAB
Lena of 'Chocolat' OLIN
Clues Answers
Literary institution: Var. ATHENEUM
Loading areas DOCKS
Look (at) GAZE
Looks at EYES
Microwave ZAP
Minor U.S.N. administrator CPO
Muralist José María ___ SERT
Neighbor of Leb. ISR
Olympic category EVENT
One of the Sinatras TINA
One taken for a ride HORSE
One with her own dressing room, surely DIVA
One with second thoughts, say RUER
Oral surgeon's deg. DDS
Piquant ZESTY
Poke fun at MOCK
Purchase price addition TAX
Radioactivity cleanup process, for short DECON
Rake feature TINE
Reproductive body SPORE
Service for eight, e.g. SET
Significant events outside the U.S.? KILOMETERSTONES
Snappish TESTY
Some caterpillars outside the U.S.? CENTIMETERWORMS
Song on the Beatles' 'Rubber Soul' album GIRL
Spank LICK
Stupefy AMAZE
Swing around SLUE
Taper off ABATE
Tête-à-tête CHAT
Turn suddenly SWERVE
Vaquero's rope RIATA
Vendor's vehicle CART
With 'the,' everything outside the U.S.? WHOLENINEMETERS
Work with the hands KNEAD
You can say that again ADAGE
___ group (computer info source) USER