Universal - Aug 19 2003

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Clues Answers
"Dog Barking at the Moon" artist Joan MIRO
"Hold the sweetener!" NOSUGAR
"Same here" METOO
"Von ___ Express" (1965) RYANS
All - sudden connector OFA
Arab League member OMAN
Austin Powers portrayer MYERS
Bonnie girl LASS
Brie covering RIND
Chocolate bonbon, e.g. TREAT
Chuckwagon offerings EATS
Classified information? ADS
Come into being ARISE
Cuts (off) LOPS
Deep black EBON
Duel preceders SLAPS
Enlightened about ONTO
Fail to enter OMIT
Flaky base PIECRUST
Full-house letters SRO
Gold medal winner OLYMPIAN
Grammy category, for short RANDB
Great Seal bird EAGLE
Gremlin maker AMC
Happy time? HOUR
Head for GOTO
ICU personnel RNS
In need of a massage TENSE
Increase magnification ZOOMIN
Inter ___ (among other things) ALIA
Involuntary muscle contraction SPASM
Kept, as a job HELD
Legman, e.g. AGENT
Like many ports AGED
Love, Spanish-style AMOR
Mideast acronym PLO
Clues Answers
Minerva's symbol OWL
Old saying ADAGE
One who may be civil or mech. ENGR
Optimistic ROSY
Palindromic org. AMA
Papal name PIUS
Pavarotti classic OSOLEMIO
Pet named "Fifi," perhaps STANDARDPOODLE
Peter Fonda title role ULEE
Pilotless aircraft DRONE
Place with cutting edge technology? OPERATINGROOM
Postal code ZIP
Pressman's activity INKING
Promulgate SOW
PTA meeting guides, e.g. PROCEDUREBOOKS
Roman cover-up TOGA
Rudely ignore SNUB
Shook up JOLTED
Skating star Kulik ILIA
Slightly open AJAR
Sorrowful feeling REMORSE
Sounds of hesitation ERS
Sylvester's co-star TALIA
Tail end REAR
Tattoo site UPPERARM
Tibetans, e.g. ASIANS
Toaster fodder EGGO
Truman's Missouri birthplace LAMAR
TV exec Arledge ROONE
Type of monitor or position FETAL
VI for Henry VIII PARR
Ward off DETER
Whitney Houston's recording label ARISTA
Words before "record" or "trap" SETA
WXY neighbor NINE
Yorkshire port LEEDS
___ buco (veal dish) OSSO