Universal - Aug 12 2003

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Clues Answers
"It's done!" THERE
"___ Can" (Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography) YESI
Analogous AKIN
Appointment DATE
B-ball player, e.g. ATH
Baker's need TIN
Beatty in "Network" NED
Berth choice LOWER
Best-selling author Umberto ECO
Branch headquarters TREE
Bruce and Laura DERNS
Carrier TOTER
Center X TAC
Certain high-net-worth individual WEALTHYINVESTOR
Change letterspacing KERN
Cornell's locale ITHACA
Cousins of Peeping Toms? OGLERS
D.D.E.'s command ETO
Dancer Astaire ADELE
Density symbol RHO
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Ending for sea SCAPE
Extremely popular REDHOT
Fly-by-night critters OWLS
Food category ETHNIC
Fraternal fellows ELKS
Future DA's exam LSAT
Gael's language ERSE
Gift basket contents FRUITS
Got a big lead, in a way LAPPED
Grand verses EPOS
Grocery stick OLEO
Hardly any ATAD
Hardy character TESS
Honshu port OSAKA
Hydrogen's atomic number ONE
Clues Answers
John Hancock place DOTTEDLINE
Kind of jury PETIT
Lat. and Ukr., once SSRS
Lay down new turf RESOD
Lobsterlike crustacean CRAWDAD
Mariah Carey's label, once EMI
Ming treasure VASE
Minimal change CENT
Moon stage PHASE
Most faithful TRUEST
Move gradually INCH
Off-the-wall response ECHO
Only perfect World Series pitcher LARSEN
Part of U.S.A. AMER
Picks up some waves? HEARS
Poem of praise ODE
Post-marathon feeling ACHY
Pro side AYES
Really bother EATAT
Really bothered IRKED
Runs in place? IDLES
Safe deposit box item DEED
Second-hand store transactions RESALES
Shake ___ (hurry) ALEG
Still life subject EWER
Subterranean chamber CRYPT
Tattered state SHREDS
Thai money BAHT
Track event not in the Olympics MILE
Type style ELITE
U2 lead singer BONO
Uncorked, as champagne OPENED
Vending machine choice WISEPOTATOCHIPS
Zero, in tennis LOVE
___ about (circa) ONOR
___ ballerina PRIMA
___ mater (brain covering) PIA